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"Air Navigation Standard" (by Xample Sarl) is a flight information system. Using the GPS receiver and accelerometers of the iPhone it can emulate different type of real IFR or VFR aircraft navigation devices. I bought it as an app in the Apple App store online to be used with X-plane.

All online information of Air Navigation Standard and Air Navigation Pro, both by Xample Sarl look similar and the manual online is only available for the Pro version, though not / poorly communicated.

After spending hours to resolve the issue, advised the issue to Apple - they can't do anything for you and refer to Xample Sarl. Than the circus begins!

Over 7 mails have been exchanged with the supplier, Xample Sarl, all advising to

- update a plugin (download from the website)

- 'solve it yourself' by reading the "Air Navigation Pro Manual"

- reconfirming it should work! (in every e-mail)

After some days and online (on their website) reminder and request to resolve it suddenly seemed to work only in the Pro version. (they just found out as it seems)

They offer a refund for the "Air Navigation Standard" version against proof of purchase for the "Air Navigation Pro" (over 4 times the price !!)

After referring to the false information provided "Xample SARL" comments:

- We never intended to make you think the application worked as you were expecting

- We are definitely not refunding since we consider we did not sell a fake product.

- You were responsible for the purchase

- We run a business here and we have to pay fees for each sale.

- From our point of view, we consider that we offered help and never lied on the functionality of the app.

- If you do not like it - go tell Apple.

Which made me share it with you - as nothing as bad as a supplier who does not stand for it's products nor service.

For real time pilots, it may be a great app - Think twice before you buy

Note: Xample Sarl is a Swiss company (so in the text not meant to say 'example')

Review about: Air Navigation Standard.


Mechelen, Antwerpen, Belgium #662363

Wow thanks for sharing man, I was looking around for a manual but ended up here. I am looking for a good aviation gps but considering their bad service I won't go for the Air Navigation apps!


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